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The Paranormal World

The Paranormal World was founded in 2003 by Stephen Graham an experienced paranormal investigator. 

The Paranormal World have two main objectives: 

To prove or disprove the existence of ghosts and spirits.

To educate the public on paranormal phenomena.

About Us

The Paranormal World are resident investigators for Harbour House and Craig Y Nos Castle in South Wales, this is where they set up the original live streaming web cameras just over nine years ago that are still as popular today as they were then. We don't just concentrate our efforts in one particular area. Infact, we currently have numerous investigations set up all over the UK...and beyond. Some open to the public and some for corporate/private parties.

During the last 9 years Stephen Graham founder of The Paranormal World has presented ghost tours to over 20,000 people, conducted 156 Paranormal Investigations and has organised and presented numerous spiritual and holistic fairs and demonstrations. He has also participated in various television and radio shows based on the ghosts and hauntings of Craig Y Nos from local news and “Most Haunted” here in the UK, to giving a paranormal presentation at the Annual American Ghost Society Conference in Illinois and participating in a live radio talk show for CBS News network in the USA. 

The Paranormal World is successful not because of an individual but because we work together as a very successful team.....to ensure that our investigations are thorugh, professional and your time spent with The Paranormal World is a productive and educational one   

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