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The Paranormal World

Whether it is the existence of ghosts, the possibility of life after death, or sightings of strange shadows, the lure of the unknown has always been irresistible. Now, using the latest scientific techniques, The Paranormal World seeks to ascertain whether these strange occurrences, myths and startling phenomena are merely illusions or actually real.

Welcome to the official web site of the The Paranormal World .... also know as the TPW. We carry out investigations into the paranormal in both public and private dwellings.

The Paranormal World Investigations are conducted at a variety of locations, some of which remain undisclosed either by request of the client or in the interest of further ongoing research. 

The Paranormal World in association with Alpha Omega Eventsprovide Paranormal investigations, Ghost Tours, Fright Nights and Ladies Fun fright Nights for clients from Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and the whole of South Wales

The Paranormal World offers members of the public the chance to experience a real ghost tour or paranormal investigation for themselves, where everything that happens is real with no tricks, stunts or play acting.

We organise weekly ghost tours, paranormal Investigations and fun fright nights at Craig-Y-Nos Castle in the Brecon Beacons  and paranormal investigations at The Harbour House in Port Talbot, both these venues are steeped in history and numerous reports of hauntings and strange goings on, we try to ensure that any tales of haunting's are actually backed up by evidence we are Not just content to sit around in the dark and "call up spooks", we have the full range of equipment to try and find actual evidence of paranormal activity.  

We do not pretend to know everything about paranormal phenomena but together, working with the people on the ghost tours we organise or Paranormal Investigations we conduct, we hope to learn more about this unseen dimension. We do not claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to the supernatural, no matter what anyone may claim or who may claim to be one. We are instead working to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible of any afterlife. 

The Paranormal World embark upon every investigation or REAL Ghost tour with an open mind but we NEVER assume that an event is Paranormal until all the evidence has been reviewed. We believe that subjective (mediums, psychics or sensitive's) evidence is not credible unless you have the objective data to support it. We do not disregard the ability of those that say they are sensitive however we do not solely rely on subjective evidence to prove or disprove whether a place is haunted!.