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The Paranormal World

If you love Most Haunted or TV show on Ghost Hauntings then you'll love our ghost tours and hunting events. Whether you are a beginner or a experienced ghost investigator taking part in our investigations and ghost tours with experienced paranormal investigators and clairvoyant mediums you enjoy this memory  for a lifetime!

Since 2004 tens of thousands of people have attended our world famous ghost tours and paranormal events at Craig Y Nos Castle and Harbour House.

The Paranormal World are now in their 9th year of organising Paranormal  investigations and have added Alpha Omega Events to the family, we organise a series of heart stopping ghost hunts,ghost tours, paranormal investigations, Ladies Nights and good old Fright nights for all ages  that are also good on the pocket. Starting from just £25*, our prices are as surprising as our ghost hunts! 

Types of Tours The Paranormal World organise

Real Ghost tours....That include particapating in REAL experiments I.E. Seances , Table Tipping, Energy Circles, Glass swirling, Dowsing rods. These tours are for persons aged 16+  *ghost tours last approx 3 hours.

History and Hauntings Tours... These tours are as the title suggests, based on the History and Hauntings of the chosen venue, through the ancient art of story telling we bring to life the past and all the secrets it holds , these tours are family orientated and are suitable for younger people  *H&H Tours last approx 2 hours 

Paranormal Investigations.... Our paranormal investigations are all nighters, these are for those that really have a true interest in all things paranormal and want to get really stuck in  *investigations last approx 6/8 hours depending on venue 

Bespoke Tours.... We are more than happy to design a tour to your personal preference, maybe you dont want to do certain experiments or maybe you want a little history as well as experiments ...whatever your taste we have the tour for you. *Bespoke tours last for however long you wish them too

Fun Fright Nights.... This is a tour you will never experience anywhere else! It is a light hearted fun filled tour, involving up to 10 actors & actresses, can you solve the riddles to progress till the very end? or will FEAR take over and you beg for it to finish as dozens have done before you!!!...(Legal Notice) this tour isNOT for those that suffer from heart conditions or nerves *the fright night tours last approx 2 hours 

Private Ghost Tours.... Are now available for a minimum 10 people – flexible times. Your tour guide will accompany you on a castle experience  – a mixture of true ghost stories and history with plenty of time to ask questions, take photos and enjoy the evening with all the focus on your experience without being part of a large group – up close and personal.